Enactus Tunisia National Competition 2021

Online, September 9, 2021 - September 10, 2021

Compte tenu du dernier communiqué de la Présidence de la République et de l’interdiction des réunions et des regroupements encore en vigueur jusqu’à aujourd’hui, et en tant qu’organisation responsable, citoyenne et engagée, Enactus Tunisie a décidé de switcher la compétition Nationale 2021, en ligne. Elle aura lieu aux mêmes dates sur la plateforme LaunchPad6.

Given the latest press release from the Presidency of the Republic and the ongoing ban on meetings and groupings, and as a responsible and committed organization, Enactus Tunisia has decided to hold the National competition 2021 online. It will take place on the same dates on the LaunchPad6 platform.

Meet the teams !

Pool Espoir:

  • Enactus ENIT and their project Visus :

VISUS is a project that aims to manufacture flexible and resistant glasses of good quality. These glasses are made by 3D printing and this innovative method ensures the precision of the dimensions and offers the possibility of making various models by varying the design. For the printing of the glasses, the 3D printers use coils, and for our project, these coils will be obtained by recycling the plastic.

  • Enactus ENSIT and their project Chaabata:

Our process is defined first by the planting of the agave and secondly by the transformation of this harvested plant into biodegradable fibers which will be exploited for better hanging plants in greenhouses. 

  • Enactus ESEN and their project ‘نظمني’ :

Our project ‘نظمني’ is a mobile application that aims to fully digitize municipalities in Tunisia internally, starting with the “manouba municipality”

  •  Enactus INAT and their project Waterose:

Waterose is a project that consists of the filtration, the treatment, and then the routing of stagnant water -transformed into treated wastewater- to farmers in the Kantaret Benzart region in Tunis for the irrigation of their fodder crops, coupled with the assembly of a greenhouse in the same area which will be used for producing crops destined for ornamental or textile purposes. All of this while creating jobs for the region’s youth in agriculture as well as reducing costs of irrigation for the farmers, and the pollution due to water stagnation in the area. 

  • Enactus ISET Charguia and their project Khedma Lik:

Khedma Lik is a mobile application that aims to combat the precariousness of the jobs of daily workers, to promote their social and professional integration. It helps daily workers to find suitable jobs easily and it is accessible for all the people belonging to different communities. Khedma Lik interface shares the necessary employer information with employees and the salary provision is ensured. 

  • Enactus ISFF Sousse and their project Better Earth:

In order to reduce pollution and to maintain a clean environment, we have decided to build a machine which is basically a biogas digester that consists of converting organic waste food residues into biogas: methane with residues into compost. 

  • Enactus Polytech Sousse and their project PlastiFab:

To reduce plastic pollution. We thought of recycling it to make solid and nice-looking pavements cheaper than the traditional ones. Also helping the plastic collectors to have a legal way to earn money.

Meet the teams !

National Competition 2021:

  • Enactus ENET’COM and their project Lamsa:


Lamsa is a printer that makes tactile graphs alongside braille writing aiming to achieve equality between sighted and unsighted people in education. And to achieve equality in everyday life Lamsa provides products usable by both blind and sighted people.

Jobs created: 6

Direct beneficiaries: 6

  • Enactus ENIT and their project SOUAQI FARMS :

SOUAQI FARMS is a project which specializes in “hydroponics” soilless agriculture, this technique allows to produce organic vegetables without pesticides, 3x faster and using 90% less water than traditional agriculture.

We aim to implement hydroponics in our Tunisian agriculture, in fact, we give the educational assets and technical means to future agripreneurs to learn hydroponics and launch their own projects. To ensure this we organize hydroponics training sessions, in addition, we carry out the study, design, and installation of projects.

Jobs created: 2

Direct beneficiaries: 49

  • Enactus ESAT and their project TcheeZen :

TcheeZen is an original initiative to make Tunisia a reference for quality Goat’s cheese production by creating a closed production cycle, from goats farming to cheese production.

Jobs created: 21

Direct beneficiaries: 3 

  • Enactus ESIM and their project TICHILLA :

The valorization and popularization of Testour’s traditional products through modern means of packaging, marketing, and presentation.

TICHILLA is based in Testour, Beja.

Jobs created: 2

Direct beneficiaries: 3 

  • Enactus ESCT and their project Harmony :

Harmony is the first music therapy center in North Africa, beholding many therapeutic services for not only autistic and down syndrome children but also for people with mental illness or mental disorders through music therapy, psychomotricity, and art therapy.

Jobs created: 9

Direct beneficiaries: 95  

  • Enactus ESCT and their project Zendely :

Zendely is a social incubator that is dedicated to accompanying ex-convicts through their project creation process: starting from ideation and administrative paperwork up to the commercialization and the monitoring, where they got trained to manage their projects to be capable of actively participating in the commercial development to reach both economic and social growth.

Jobs created: 7

Direct beneficiaries: 7

  • Enactus Esprit ICT and their project Nawwa:

Nawwa is the first Tunisian platform destined for the elderly.

It is an innovative solution that aims to provide specialized home care for our elders.

In addition, Nawwa provides job opportunities and recruits qualified service providers in the medical and paramedic sectors.

Jobs created: 2

Direct beneficiaries: 2

  • Enactus ESSECT and their project Crab Buster :

It’s an electronic device that releases specific sounds to repel only the blue crab and consequently protect the caught fish and the fishing equipment.

Crab Buster is based in Kerkenah (Sfax)

Jobs created: 4

Direct beneficiaries: 5

  • Enactus ESSECT and their project Nitrofount :

It is a substitute for ammonitrate, a nitrogen fertilizer made up of organic matter mainly beef manure, green waste and the margin. This fertilizer is more effective than other fertilizers and cheaper.

Jobs created: 4

Direct beneficiaries: 5

  • Enactus IHEC Carthage and their project YOUFEED:

YOUFEED is a 100% locally produced concentrated forage that values local crops and offers a cheap, effective, and eco-friendly cattle feed.

Jobs created: 2

Direct beneficiaries: 2

  • Enactus IHEC Sfax and their project Farmoo:

Enhancing the agriculture field and Supporting dairy cow farmers through the marketing and selling of various dairy products.

Jobs created: 4

Direct beneficiaries: 6

  • Enactus INAT and their project Doulicha :

Doulicha is a concept of educational eco-tourism outings aimed at promoting forgotten Tunisian rural areas as well as the marketing of their products, through a form of responsible tourism. A project where the carriers would be the inhabitants of the area (rural women), the goal is to instill in them an entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in the birth of an eco-tourist circuit, where they would be the managers.

The “Doulicha” outings will aim to introduce visitors to the heritage of the area (traditions, local products, biodiversity …), a chance to be in contact with rural women (project leaders) as well as various stakeholders (beneficiaries) enriching the experience.

Jobs created: 3

Direct beneficiaries: 3

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